And in the end…

Thesethose - installation view at The Mattress Factory

After months of deep engagement with this project, the installation is now on show at The Mattress Factory. Thesethose is finally there, inhabiting one of the 4th floor galleries.

Sometimes people ask me about my creative process – questions like if I start with the video or with the body of the work, how decisions are made, etc. I always tell people that there is no rule and for each different project I experience a unique process. With Thesethose, it wasn’t different. It was the first time that I had left all decisions concerning the “body” to be taken in situ, during my stay in Pittsburgh. Risky, but surely this was one of the reasons I enjoyed doing this project so much.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without my engineer, Antonio Moutinho, and The Mattress Factory great team.

Thanks to you all!

Photos and a video of Thesethose can be seen in my website:

The exhibition at The Mattress Factory will be on until May 2012.