A Room with Three Windows


Last week I’ve received the first images of the exhibition room. Great!

Naturally, my mind was immediately filled with questions about the space: what can and what can’t be done in there? Can I drill holes in the walls? Can I hang things on the celing? Is that an emergency exit? If it is, can I use the floor space right in front of it? I’m organizing all these questions in a list to ask in the next Skype call.

The room is very large and almost as big as the one occupied with the installation “Among” in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil last year (*). The diference is that it is divided into two ambients by a small corridor that leads to what seems to be an emergency exit. It is full of natural light, provenient from three windows.

I like those windows.


(*) “Among” [in portuguese: “Dentre”] was a solo exhibition held from August to September 2010 in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro. For more information, please visit this page.



Studio in Rio.

This blog’s aim is to show the process and development of a new work – a site specific installation for The Mattress Factory, located in Pittsburgh, US.

For the next months, I’m going to work in my studio in Rio, sketching up ideas and maybe working on prototypes. Later on, during October, I will fly my way to Pittsburgh to work in situ.

This blog and my Facebook Profile will both be used to report all information about the process: ideas, images, videos and comments on what will be going on.