First week at The Mattress Factory

It’s been a week since I arrived in Pittsburgh. I came with my engineer, Antonio, and we have been working hard since the first day.

The first thing to do was to set up two tables and organize our “office” at the gallery.

"Office" at The Mattress Factory.

Then, we begun unpacking things, checking carefully if there was any broken piece. Everything was just fine.

So many pieces!

In most of my previous work, there was always something to be decided in situ, but this experience is being unique – this is the very first time I left almost all decisions to be made at the exhibition space. This is very good for the work, because every little step is decided according to the piece. I can try everything before, to see if it works in the space.


Small pieces.



Plastic bags.


Pittsburgh: this is the view from my gallery, at the Museum. One of those pretty windows is my bedroom window, at the residence. Today, it was 1 degree Celsius in the morning - quite a low temperature for somebody from Rio!


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